Marketing Sites & Event Support

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges in the health insurance field as agents have to battle for prime real estate on websites like Google and Facebook in order to reach potential clients. Even face to face meetings, what separates you from other agents is your professionalism and ability to show that you are not just a one person show but part of an entire team who can offer someone the assistance and guidance they need during these challenging times to find reliable and affordable health coverage. If you plan on holding or attending events in your area, we can assist you with being prepared and making sure that it’s a success by offering you:

Marketing Sites
  • HIPAA compliant materials
  • Assistance promoting upcoming events
  • Online marketing support
  • Use of HPM event management tools and resources
  • Access to HPM online database to sign up new clients
  • Training for networking events
  • Assistance from other agents

Personalized Marketing Tools

At Health Plan Markets we’re focused on providing our agents continuous support as we are well aware of the challenges each one has to face as they take on more competition than ever. Our experience as agents and consultants in the health insurance field, along with the experience we’ve gained working directly with marketing experts and event coordinators, gives us the resources to provide you with what you need to succeed and grow your business along with our team.

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