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If you want to be a superstar agent, our advisers will show you training tips. Do you need some information for inspiration? We will discuss strategies!

Unfortunately, some agencies take advantage of Advisors’ hard work and do not supply them with proper marketing support or the tools they need to rise to the next level. If this sounds all too familiar, you maybe with the wrong agency.

Not necessarily. In most cases, all you’ll need is a release letter. We do recommend checking with your current agency to see what agreements you have with them when you first started. Most of the time, if your current agency does not want to release you, the carriers have predefined release protocols when this happens. If you are experiencing this type of problem, please call our office for more details.

The Trusted Adviser, who is working to create and manage your own current successful business. They help you build a complete business solution offering, provide following training, business development strategies, Human Resource management.

I totally understand that this may sound too good to be true. But I encourage you to stop by our office, take a tour and interview some of our Benefit Advisors that work with us. I want to make sure that every Advisor is happy. Our standard contract is for a minimum production of 10 sales but if we get along like cats and dogs, I have no problem releasing Advisors outside of that agreement. We just have to come to terms if any money is owed. Normally, our gentleman’s agreement is a 30-day notice.

This question depends on your arrangement with your current agency.
If you are independent and are being paid directly by the carriers already, then absolutely not, they cannot keep your commissions. They will continue to get paid their agency overrides and you will continue to get paid your commissions as long as your clients remain on the plan that you set them up with.