For several years health insurance advisors have been struggling with figuring out ways to get new
clients in and keep them happy despite the rising costs in health care coverage. The industry continues
to grow and get more expensive, and services and products might not be available for some time. As the
providers you work with want you to increase the number of customers they are carrying, you need to
know how to keep those customers well managed so that they continue to renew their coverage.

Most people get their health insurance through their main employer or through Medicare. However,
that still leaves millions of people who have to get independent coverage which requires the help of a
health insurance advisor. The roll an advisor plays is to help find the most affordable plan that offers the
coverage the person wants while coaching them on the benefits and options available to them. While
you may not have a lot of contact with them throughout the year, the stronger you build that
relationship, the easier it will be to get them to renew.

Why People Get Frustrated With Coverage
The most common reasons why people get upset with their coverage is because of the costs and
limitations of their plan. A simple consultation might cost hundreds of dollars, or they might have to use
different doctors or facilities because of who is available within their network. It is also at the discretion
of the insurance company if they want to offer coverage on a certain treatment or medication to an
extent. Knowing all of that it's easy to understand why people would get frustrated with their insurance

Part of the real issue here has to do with communication and education. Were people actually told what
their plan covers and how it will impact them, as well as any changes that have been made to their
plans? Or have they simply been told a lot of confusing information and then their standing there
surprised when the cost for their health care is far higher than they expected?

How Can You Help
Imagine a patient who goes to a specialist once every three months for a very quick and simple
procedure. The patient is not put under or given any sedatives of any kind. At one point, the insurance
company covered that procedure. At another point the insurance company stopped covering that
procedure and forced the patient to cover the costs without giving them a notification of the change of
coverage. Even if the company did make an attempt to notify the patient about the change in coverage,
more than likely the information was not understood by the patient.

This is an example of how a lack of understanding can create a very frustrating situation. While you
cannot alert every single client of changes with their health care providers policies, you need to try to be
more open in your communication with your clients and allow them to contact you if they have
questions. This may give you the opportunity to help them understand the situation which while it will
not be less frustrating to take on those costs, they will be less frustrated with you.

How Can You Reinforce Your Help
You should not be waiting around for people to contact you with questions about changes to their
coverage. Send out monthly emails or write a monthly blog and let your clients know about these
changes and how it might impact their costs or coverages. If they are routinely hearing from you, even
with the monthly newsletter, they are more likely to rely on you for updated information including what
their options are for getting new coverage.

People tend to spend more money with suppliers and vendors that they can trust rather than ones that
offer the cheapest deal. We know this because we still go to the same person to cut our hair or change
our oil in our car because we appreciate how trustworthy they are, and they appreciate how loyal we
are. Be that person for your clients and they will show appreciation and loyalty for years.

Building On Your Efforts
If you are really doing a great job of building your relationship with your clients and keeping
communication open throughout the year, then you can expect additional benefits from these
relationships. Consider developing a stronger online presence where people can learn about the services
you offer and especially since the quality of the services you are giving them. Health insurance is a major
expense for everyone, and it cannot be overlooked.

If people feel that they can communicate with you and ask questions, especially if there are sudden
changes to their coverage, it builds a confidence and trust in you that will lead to a stronger presence
among those looking for new coverage. When you are seeing new business come in by way of referrals
from current clients, you know that the extra effort is working. And networking and referrals are much
more affordable and easier than any other form of marketing.

Take some time to make notes about your last communication with each client. Was it just to get the
deal done? Was it a random message about some new update they probably will not care about or
something they probably wouldn’t understand? Or did you take the time to really put together some
informative content that will help them get the information they need to make the best decisions for
themselves moving forward? Your experience allows them to be confident in their selection and being
there throughout the year is the easiest way to get a renewal for another year.

Focus on communication rather than just trying to get new clients. Great communicators are able to find
clients and work quickly because people want to assist them because of the great service they received.
Learn how to communicate with your clients whether it’s with email, text, directly calling them or
something else. Dedicate some time each day to contacting one to ten clients and letting them know
that you appreciate their loyalty.

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