Health insurance agents are trying to figure out as much as they can about the new call recording rules that impact Medicare enrollment. The rule is simple, if you are talking to clients about Medicare coverage, you need to record the call. While many are not happy with the new law, there are some benefits that it offers. However, the real concern is if this will be a hindrance, short or long-term for the advisors, especially at the start of open enrollment?

For those who are not aware, these systems have been in use for years. Many companies that deal with customer service and sales over the phone will have call recording because they find that it helps for training as well as to go over what a customer had said to see if it can offer a solution to their issue. It’s a very common tool utilized in so many industries and it’s something that will not slow you down.

How Does The Software Work?

Depending on the software you are using, your work setup and so forth, there may be different instructions. However, the majority of the concepts focus on getting the recording going and then making a call either into a conference call with the client, or by a direct call. Most software manufacturers have made the system compatible for computers as well as cell phones. This makes it more accommodating for people who are not working from a computer all day.

In some cases, you may be required to select an account or use a specific phone number. During training, make sure you take specific notes and do not be afraid to have handwritten instructions as well for your first couple of tries. Once you get used to it, you will find that it’s very routine and the process can be repeated over and over again with much more ease.

Is It Difficult To Use?

Health insurance agents seem to find the hardest aspect of using call recording software is to remember to switch it on at the beginning of the call. That’s where the repetition comes into play. The software itself is very user friendly and in fact, most of the options available will have outstanding customer service themselves to help with any questions you may have.

Advisors who spend the majority of their day on the phone actually find that the process becomes part of their preparation for a call or meeting. While everyone is different on how they adjust to changes, especially involving technology, the advantage is that there are services available to assist with installation, making calls, receiving calls and so forth.

Do We Have To Tell The Client?

Many health insurance advisors are asking if they have to tell the client about the call recording software when they are on a call. The answer is yes and in fact, it is required as early as possible in the conversation. This is where making it part of your introduction could be a smart idea as it will become second nature and you can always make a note to say it with any additional notes you are using.

Considering the fact that millions of seniors have been told to be mindful of who they give their information to, especially on the phone, especially when it comes to Medicare, it’s also a great option to be able to offer them some extra security during the call. For you, it gives you the advantage of showcasing yourself as more of a professional, something that is very difficult to do early in the call. Consider trying to work on your introduction, with the update about the recordings, before using it with a client.

Can Call Recording Be A Good Thing For Medicare Advisors?

Yes, in the beginning of this process, this will take time and energy to learn and get down. However, throughout enrollment, we sometimes get too focused on the numbers instead of actually what we are advising. If you have 20 meetings today are you going to try and get through those meetings as quickly as possible? Of course, and throughout the day, it’s literally impossible to remember every comment, question, task or detail. Not having the ability to reference a conversation with a client has led to plenty of advisors losing that client.

Customer service is always the main focus when it comes to communication. If you can be better with your advisement calls because you can go back and listen to how you sound and develop your strategy during a call, it would make you even better at your job. Improving your strategies, knowing what topics to focus on, how to get the client involved in the conversation and more are the keys to getting the deal closed as quickly as possible but still providing outstanding service.

Additionally, being able to reference a call if you are not sure what a client had mentioned is paramount. Instead of having to ask something over again, after or during your meeting, you can continue the conversation with confidence because you know that you can always go back and reference it whenever you want. This also allows the client to be more relaxed on the phone as they are able to talk in a steadier flow rather than having to stop over and over again as you’re taking notes or punching things into the computer.

During the pandemic, customers became much more acclimated to managing their lives via the internet or the phone. In fact, many companies focus their customer service around online chat more than phones, partly because online chat allows them to get everything in writing from the client. While that may not work for your sales strategy during Medicare open enrollment, it does show you how different customer bases respond to new options that make communication easier and faster.

Call recording will eventually be a major benefit for Medicare advisors. However, as you learn how to utilize this new software, make sure that you are keeping track of important notes and advantages it offers you in the short-term as well. Customers appreciate your ability to save them money, but also time. Not having to go back over and over again with them because you have a way to reference the conversation saves them plenty of time and allows you to do your job even better.

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