Open enrollment will certainly be interesting this year and there are going to be plenty of people looking for new assistance with their health coverage. People between the ages of 22 and 72, if not older, will be looking for the right guidance for finding coverage for the upcoming year and it’s up to you to not only help them, but to let them know that your services are available.

If you are new to digital marketing, or simply want to improve your knowledge of it, make sure you become familiar with these options for reaching people

  1. Facebook: You’re probably familiar with the social media giant but not sure how to utilize it. The best thing to do before open enrollment is spend time sharing content, either written by you or by someone else to your page four times a week. This shows activity and will generate some potential interest, but not much. Then, right before open enrollment you can start running ads that encourage people to contact you for a free consultation. Targeting is great on here but remember the content has to be of high-quality.
  2. Google display: Display ads are not very expensive, and they allow you to target people actively searching for health insurance. Rather than traditional PPC which can be very expensive, these ads allow you to run a banner on other websites that people are visiting after they’ve actively searching for health coverage details.
  3. Email marketing: Another great option is to utilize email marketing where you can target people for pennies on the dollar and get your name directly to them. If you do not have your own database, make sure that you do not start buying lists. They rarely work in other reliable platforms and you could waste your money.
  4. Google business listings: This option is not only great, but it’s free to setup. If you want to have your business come up in searches by local prospects, then signing up for business listings is the best way to do it. 
  5. Streaming TV: Not only can you target specific audiences with streaming television but it’s also very affordable and gives people who are watching on their phones or tablets a chance to connect with you immediately.

Depending on the content and budget everyone will see different results from these five recommendations for marketing during open enrollment. However, these will all help you to generate quality traffic and see long-term benefits including establishing a strong brand presence in the digital space and get more leads throughout the year.

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