Technology is changing every day and so must the rules that goes with it. As our information is shared in new ways, for new reasons, we need to make sure that this information is not only secure, but also that everyone is on the same page. For example, have you ever had a phone conservation with someone and wish you could go back and remember what exactly was said? That could have been a business call or even a call with a health insurance agent who gave you great guidance regarding your coverage.

We cannot remember everything and that’s where technology can also be a great help. CMS call recording options have been used in business meetings for years now. As conference calls have become more common in business, especially with the pandemic, it’s important that monitoring systems are available to not only ensure quality but also the protection of valuable information.

What Is CMS Call Recording?

Most businesses that house customer service teams for phone assistance have some form of call recording. This allows them to help with disputes but also train their teams to serve their clients in a more efficient way. Yes, those calls are actually recorded and used for training purposes. The reason is because if a customer issue can be resolved in five minutes instead of thirty, the customer is happy, the employee is happy and the company is happy as well. If the dispute takes longer, it does not benefit anyone.

These recording systems have also become popular for brainstorming or training sessions where classes of sorts are held or colleagues go back and forth on ideas. Having the ability to go back into the call and get exactly what was said has been a major benefit to companies all around the world. This service has now expanded into other fields of business and most recently has become a requirement for health insurance communication and advisement.

Why Is It Important For Health Insruance Agents?

Health insurance agents have learned to become adaptable over the years, especially when it comes to technology. Where once an agent may not have relied on computers to do more than send some emails and keep track of their schedule, they can now market to thousands of potential clients in their area, send out agreements, research policies for people while on the phone and more. It’s a great advantage that has helped agents around the world expand their capabilities and go into business essentially for themselves.

CMS call recording is the next feature that will offer a major benefit to agents. During open enrollment, communication with clients becomes extremely challenging and hectic. Information is shared so frequently and it’s nearly impossible to not make a single mistake, especially when such important information needs to be transferred via phone instead of digitally. By updating to the call recording system, agents no longer have to worry about making sure they get every bit of information correct, the first time. They can go back and back as much as they need to and reference that information which may be critical in assisting someone enroll in Medicare or another option that could benefit them.

What Has Changed?

Recently, call recording via CMS systems has been optional and something very few agencies did. Now it is becoming mandatory and will be utilized for all verbal communication. The mandatory change shows just how important and reliable this form of recording is and it has benefited businesses throughout the world. Along with offering a variety of benefits to the agent, call recording also offers great advantages to the client as well. How nice is it that the agent did not have to call you back because they forgot something and instead was able to review the call?

Again, customer service is not only something that benefits the customer. If a customer service representative was able to speak with seven clients on average each hour instead of four, would that not be a benefit to the company as well? That means they do not have to hire more customer service reps but they also will have happier customers who are spending less time on the phone. While health insurance is a very personal issue, it is still a business and that means efficiency and customer satisfaction are very important. If consumers feel that they can trust your brand they are likely to select you, even if a competitor is offering better options. The easiest way to build or break that trust in a businesses sense is with poor communication, especially when the consumer cannot reach their providers.

By working with health insurance advisors, consumers feel more in control of their options because they are not linked to a single provider and are instead linked to their advisor who is dedicated to finding them the best plan at the best price. As advisors take on more and more customers, again also handing higher volumes of clients as will customer service agents, the ability to rely on proven technology will be hugely beneficial.

Automation is the eventual goal of almost every industry. The faster things can be automated, the faster business owners can rely on themselves more. One area where this seems to be going in a different direction is health insurance. Clients want to interact and it doesn’t matter if it is someone on Medicare or someone on Medicaid. The ability to atleast get on a call with someone you are familiar with and discuss your personal healthcare needs and budget limitations is important. You do not want to trust that information to a computer in any situation. Because there are so many options available for coverage, that personal and experienced assistance is much needed and appreciated.

If you can sign up for something for the first time with a computer or with an expert who can assist you themselves, which would you prefer? Now consider the possibility of these people wanting to talk to you directly every year when it comes time for enrollment? It’s a great opportunity for you to make a lot of deals but you also need to make srue that you are protecting yourself and your client from a miscommunication. That’s where CMS call recording begins to offer major advantages that eventually, will become a cornerstone in health insurance marketing.

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