It seems these days that everything is sold online, or at the least, marketed on there in some way. Imagine trying to market to a very specific audience with little more than the phone book to give you leverage over the competition? Thankfully, there are more options for businesses of all sizes to market than ever. There are still plenty of traditional options including print, direct mail, commercials and so forth. However, technology has lead to digital media becoming a serious rival to the traditional platforms. These platforms include social media, streaming commercials, podcast advertising and search engine marketing.

With more options comes more challenges for business owners. How do you know where is best to invest your time and money? You have limitations on both and you cannot waste either trying to test different options and see what works. One of the most common mistakes businesses make in this situation is that they try to test the platform but not the audience. Social media shows businesses exactly how to engage with audiences directly, offering them anything from home decor to health insurance. .


The world’s largest social media platform offers a variety of options when it comes to marketing to a target audience. While video marketing is the most popular, images and content including blogs are still getting their fair share of interest throughout the platform. Audiences are demanding information on things they have an interest in and they are willing to absorb that information in a variety of forms of content.

A current example of this is with Medicare and health insurance options offered to individuals as well as information valuable to those getting coverage through their employer. This content is valuable in all forms as it impacts a large variety of people. If your goal is to advertise your services on this platform, you need to be prepared with a variety of content formats to hook a big audience.


The first thing to remember about marketing on Instagram is that it is owned by Facebook. This can give you an advantage in terms of advertising, especially with high-qaulity videos and creative content strategies. This platform focuses more on the visual. However, it is a spectacular way to generate fast interest on a related or relevant topic including open enrollment.


This area of digital marketing has seen mixed results. The health insurance agents who tend to see the best results on this platform, are usually connecting with businesses for B2B opportunities. However, independent deals are being made more often, especially in areas where agents are providing updated content via posts and articles. LinkedIn allows you to write high-quality articles and share them with your connections as well as specific groups. The better the article, the higher the visibility which can also lead to being ranked on Google.

Currently, the platform is growing in interest as it allows entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their new businesses, turning a B2B connection into a B2C opportunity. While sales are difficult to come by this way, as connections are usually hit with offers all the time, the platform does offer one of the last opportunities to build an audience organicially by connecting with people based on interest in content. For health insurance advisors, the ability to connect with thousands of people directly and offer information on a relevant topic is a great opportunity, especially if it can be done with a minimal budget or digital skills.


One of the fastest growing social media platforms, TikTok has certainly shown people that it is serious about being one of the top media platforms in the world. Originally, the platform offered little, if any, benefits as far as marketing for health insurance advisors. However, throughout covid, the popularity of the platform grew to new heights as people were able to communicate short bits of information in a more personal way than text. The fact that this option was not in as high a demand before the pandemic shows how much the past two years have changed the way consumers approach everything.

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram and others may not be the best to offer assistance with Medicare coverage. However, if you are looking to connect with thousands of people between the ages of 18-55 and teach them about the ins and outs of health insurance, and create clients from a pool like that, then these platforms offer you a unique opportunity. Here, you can put in the work without having to have the biggest budget in the field.

However, there is one serious investment you must always make whether you are promoting health insruance or selling cars. You must invest in your content. It does not matter how high the quality of your message is, how elite the service you offer is or anything else, if the content does not grab the audience they will not give you the attention you need to get an engagement. Content needs to be your primary focus before a single campaign is lauched.

With millions of people utilizing atleast two of these platforms, social media can no longer be ignored as a great option to reach consumers with information relevant to their everyday lives. The idea that health insurance cannot be sold on social media takes away from the fundamental ideas of advertising and marketing. In order to hit the audience and pull them in, you need to reach them over and over again with the same content as well as different varieties. It is always better to reach the same 100 people 10 times than to reach 1,000 people once. Why? Because you never know when a consumer will respond to an add but rarely is it the first time. However, the more familiar a consumer is with a brand, the more likely they are to utilize it when they need a service or product.

As you look for ways to market yourself it’s important to consider which areas of digital marketing are your strongest. Can you have high-quality videos produced? What about making your own vlogs where you discuss topics and promote those online? Would you rather write an article or connect with people directly during the day and try to educate them on what they need to know about health insurance? You have all these options available to you and more and you have them available to you because of social media.

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