To become a medicare advisor Florida there is a need to have an industry-relevant qualification. You will need to have a good understanding of medicare issues like pharmacy and provider networks, election periods, prescription drug plans, and patient eligibility requirements.

The medicare advisor Florida evaluates the client’s needs regarding services and coverage. You often visit their homes and answer their queries by having discussions with them.  After careful study, the advisor gives recommendations to obtain supplemental insurance as per their needs of drugs, vision, or dental. Your work will also involve other duties like marketing, networking, and prospecting to achieve targets.

30% of the medicare advisors hold bachelor’s degrees and 10% hold even a master’s degree. It is, however, possible to become a medicare advisor with just a high school degree as well, but it depends upon your prior customer-facing experience in the sales or service industry. Medicare advisors have good analytical, math skills, and a lot of self-confidence.

You will need to qualify with a Florida state license for which you have to go through pre-licensing classes, have a course completion certificate, pass the written licensing exam, have your background check and fingerprint check review done, apply for the license and after due review, you will be notified to print the license.

The salary for the medicare advisor varies from $19000 at the lowest to $102000 at the highest. The average salary is $52000. The bulk of the salary falls between $33000 and $60000.

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Medicare Advisor Florida