Broadly, the duties as a health insurance agent involve contacting and making presentations to prospective clients and sell insurance products. Get started with joinhpm to know more details in their FAQ segment.

As a health insurance agent, you help your clients with the pick best plans in line with their needs, health, and budget. Your role as an advisor to your clients, both personal and corporate, involves educating them, provide support, and suggest options.

Acting as a link between the insurance company and the policyholders, the agent performs the multiple functions.

  1. Evaluates the applications from prospective clients
  2. Meets with the applicants and analyzes information from documents
  3. Assesses the overall risk profile of the client to minimize risk to the company
  4. Determines the correct insurance premium payable by the policyholder
  5. Assists the policyholder in resolving policy issues and in settling claims
  6. Offer financial planning services to the policyholders
  7. Maintain confidentiality with records and handle sensitive information

To qualify, a bachelor’s degree in insurance, business, finance, economics, or commerce with additional courses in mathematics, accounting, marketing, and law, is recommended. With prior sales experience, high school graduates are also eligible. On the skills side, proficiency in Microsoft Office would be a plus.

However, the prospective agent has to be a prior qualified state license holder, which entails classroom completion of coursework and passing of state conducted written exams. Some licenses, however, decree continuing courses for the agents.

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