Nationally, health insurance agent salary averages around $75000 per annum. While the minimum entry-level salary starts at $22000 per annum, the most experienced command salaries of $128000 per annum.

The Health insurance agent salary calculations vary according to education, industry, location, and job profile. While the entry-level salary averages settle around $30000-$45000 per annum, depending upon educational qualification and experience, it is the job profile and industry which makes up for the composition of salaries in the region of $65000-$75000 per annum. Salaries, ranging from $80000-$100000, are paid to top-level domain experts across industries.

States like New York, New Jersey, and Maine pay the highest salaries of well over $100000 per annum. States like Washington, California, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Indiana pay well over the national averages in the region of $80000. The top 10 states that pay best are Maine, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Illinois.

Jobs in healthcare, technology command salary averages upwards of $80000 to $100000 per annum, while jobs in insurance and finance fetch salaries that are almost at par with national averages.

Salaries at the entry-level or junior level start at $22000 per annum while those at mid-level positions start at $65000 per annum. The salary for senior-level profiles begins at $80000 per annum.

National salary averages saw an increase during the period 2011-2014 gradually moving up from $65000 per annum to $70000 per annum. The national salary averages, however, plateaued over the next three years from 2014-2017. It saw an upswing again to reach the present levels of $75000 per annum in 2020.

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Health Insurance Agent Salary